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It’s day 54, and Emma still has not been found. We have no leads or information regarding her whereabouts or what happened to her. We’ve tracked down all tips and followed up on everything that came our way without result.

Yet we can’t help but feel somebody knows something. If that is indeed the case, we encourage that person to put aside their loyalties / concerns and step forward. This is a perfect opportunity to do something that really makes a difference. Please, have courage! You can put a great deal of suffering to rest.

That said, there are a number of ANONYMOUS ways to step forward:

METHOD 1 - Create a throw-away email address (Yahoo / Gmail / Hotmail etc.), and email Emma’s mum directly at

PLEASE only use this email for tips and/or information regarding Emma.

Shelley is still very interested in hearing from people who saw Emma near or on the date of her disappearance, or who have information they feel is relevant. Even if you’ve spoken with police, please email Shelley. You may even know someone who has important information. Perhaps all they need is a friendly nudge.

METHOD 2 - Crime stoppers is completely anonymous, there’s even a way to leave an anonymous tip on their website:

Or you can call them at 1-800-222-TIPS(8477)
If you’re particularly worried about privacy, use a payphone.

METHOD 3 - Local police 1-250-995-7654

Posters are still available from the reception at the Quality Inn, 850 Blanshard, downtown Victoria. You can also download the poster here:

PDF: (Right click + Save as …)

Once again we’d like to thank everyone for their ongoing support, generosity, and kindness. Shelley is unable to respond to everybody, but she reads everything. All ideas are appreciated and followed up, even if we can’t always reply. Please know we are being as forthcoming as possible with the information we have; everyone is doing the best they can. Also, please remember all past sightings have been unconfirmed, or have turned out not to be Emma (look-alikes).

Neither we nor the police have any new leads, so we’re asking for your continued help in finding Emma.
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